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It’s Funny Because A Dog Chewing On A Michael Vick Doll Isn’t Played Out At All

HA! That bit never gets old, does it? It only gets dumber.

Now, if some person could train their dog to electrocute a Michael Vick doll, then they might be on to something. At the same time, to be a truly accurate depiction of what is to be the likely outcome when the Redskins come to Lincoln Financial Field this coming Sunday afternoon, the Vick doll should be putting little rat dog here into a rape stand while a Mike Shanahan doll stands helplessly by with a face which turns more and more severe and frightening shades of crimson. Metaphorically speaking, of course. I sure as hell don’t need some sicko e-mailing me photos of that deplorable scenario.

[H/T @skinshuly (via D.C. Sports Bog)]