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This Won’t End Well: Bikini-Clad Women To Be Raced Like Horses At Australian Track

Crikey! Rarely has one singular event been so objectionable, fascinating yet completely misogynistic all at the same time, a trifecta of degradation, if you will. What I am referring to is the Bikini Track Sprint at the Gold Coast Turf Club in Queensland, Australia. Inspired by the Bikini Beach Mile (above), an annual event held at the Hollywood Park in Inglewood, California which some of you might already be familiar with, the Bikini Track Sprint the event is scheduled for December 4th in the Land Down Under (where women run and men stare in wonder) and will feature women placed in a starting gate who will then race wearing only bikinis. Now this is exactly the kind of event Ines Sainz should be covering.

Even better, the ladies will be racing for prize money! From a pool of 150 “fillies and mares,” a knockout tournament will commence with the winner receiving AU$5,000.  Sure, the purse is nice for the competitors, I believe that in the spirit of competitive balance and in deference to the fine sport of horse racing, these ladies really should be fitted with saddles and bridles and be ridden by jockeys. But hey, I guess I’m a traditionalist.

Grant Sheather, the Gold Coast Turf Club’s chief executive appears to be a pretty sharp guy, as he understands that putting women in skimpy outfits and treating them like animals by having them run in mud might rub some people the wrong way, but never fear: it will be done in good taste. Via the Daily Mail:

There will be some people that raise their eyebrows, that is to be expected,’ he said.

‘When people say Gold Coast you think of beach, you think of girls and you think of bikinis, it’s a marketing ploy to build racing.

‘It will be done in good taste and we are trying to attract some competitive runners, we want to see the sports stars, the surf lifesaving stars, it would be ideal if they took it out.’

Eyebrows won’t be the only things being raised, if you know what I mean, amirite?

To truly grasp what the event will be like for those of us not allowed to leave the country anymore, below are a couple of photos and a video from past Bikini Beach Miles. For informative and research-based reasons, only so one can adequately and knowledgeably condemn such despicable acts, of course.

Ah yes, the splendor of athletic competition. Few things inspire and rouse up positive feelings like seeing it in its purest, unadulterated form.

They’re under garters orders: Bikini-clad women to race at Australian horse track in controversial novelty event [Daily Mail]