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Tampa Pub Defied NFL’s Totalitarian Regime, Aired Bucs Game Despite Blackout

I hope the extra cash in the tills was worth it for O’Brien’s Irish Pub & Grill in Tampa, because I imagine wheels are already in motion and orders are being handed down by the iron-fisted leaders of the NFL Gestapo to have its coldblooded agents to descend upon the bar and ransack the damn place after it egregiously elected to broadcast the Buccaneers-Steelers game on Sunday despite the fact it was supposed to be blacked out locally since the game was not sold out within 72 hours of kickoff.

O’Brien’s is actually a rogue Steelers bar operating in foreign territory, so the reasons to ignore the repressive edicts from the NFL’s Secret Police were twofold. More importantly, how was O’Brien’s able to circumvent the ironclad rules typically enforced with alarming precision? The internet, of course!

Via TBO:

O’Brien’s was able to show the game the same way many fans watched it: By finding a website, such as, that provides links to the game. Ever since blackouts became a reality for Bucs fans with the season opener, tips have been passing from fan to fan and on social networking sites such as Facebook.

It’s not clear what type of trouble bars such as O’Brien’s could find themselves in, but the NFL doesn’t seem pleased that places are finding ways around blackouts.

“We protect our copyrighted game telecasts,” NFL spokesman Dan Masonson said in an e-mail. “The local blackout applies to┬áthese commercial establishments. When we become aware of a violation, we alert our legal department, which will take action.”

Do you hear that, rebel proprietors of O’Brien’s? You and your ragtag resistance are about to be taken down…with extreme prejudice. Now where are your 200 customers who turned a blind eye to the stringent rules and are now complicit in your crimes against The Shield? Are they here to protect you from the hammer of extreme justice?

Nope. They’re gone. Probably performing hard labor in an undisclosed internment camp located in parts unknown, forced to work day-in, day-out according to Herr Goodell’s maniacal whims.

Sucks to be those guys. But their bravery in the face of despotic and tyrannical fascism will be remembered, in our folk tales and our rogue message boards.

Viva la Resistance!

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