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Security At Upcoming Commonwealth Games Literally A Barrel Of Monkeys

Despite an increasing multitude of near-catastrophic problems plaguing it, the buildup to the start of the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India trudges along. The conditions have been reportedly abysmal, unless inhabitable living conditions paired with packs of wild animals roaming the streets – including a deadly snake discovered in an athlete’s living quarters and wild monkeys attacking people outside of venues – areĀ  your idea of “roughing it.”

At least organizers might have finally figured out a way to address the scourge of wild animals patrolling the streets…by adding more wild animals to patrol the streets. That’s right, a group of highly trained langur monkeys have been dispatched into the streets of New Delhi in some sort of Wild Kingdom-inspired security patrol. Via The Fabulous Forum:

According to the UK’s Daily Telegraph, a team of trained langur monkeys has been brought in to scare off wild animals, including wild dogs, snakes and other monkeys. Langur monkeys are said to be very intelligent but also aggressive and territorial, making them very effective in keeping other animals away from a given area.

India’s NewsX said that a single langur monkey can scare away a troop of 20 wild monkeys.

Not only that, a group of 50 snake charmers have also reportedly been called in to work in concert with the langur monkeys to help clear out the unwanted beasts. Wait. What century is this?

Video report follows.

While I imagine the Primate Secret Security Forces will undoubtedly help matters, what happens if they get bored and decide to start throwing poop? That seems to be one of the primary ways those little critters blow off steam.

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