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Tony Romo Is A Fancy, Flat Cap-Wearing Fop

I don’t typically make it a routine practice to catch Tony Romo pressers, so I am not aware as to whether or not the flat cap is an integral part of Romo’s fashion when typically interacting with the Dallas media, but if that is the case, I find it hard to believe the God-fearin’, cowboy hat-sportin’ good ol’ boys down Dallas way are much too fond of their quarterback’s questionable forays into ninny (or is it hipster?) fashion. All men in Texas wear cowboy hats, right?

All I know is if I were there at the press conference, I wouldn’t know whether to ask Romo about the game or ask him who is covering his shift selling newspapers down on the street corner.

What’s next for fashion forward headwear guy Tony Romo? A porkpie? Perhaps a bowler? Wait, I know what would make a huge splash: how about a fez? Yeah, that would be awesome.

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