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Professional Cyclists: Just As Insolent And Rude As Their Amateur Counterparts

The local police in the Australian city of Geelong have had just about enough of the law-violating professional bicyclists who are cluttering up their town as they train for the World Championships which begin on Wednesday. The majority of the complaints the police have been fielding from irate citizens is the bicyclists’ refusal to stop at red lights, frequently blowing right through them without a care in the world.

One of the more humorous aspects of the report in the The Times: while Michael Palmer, the organising committee general manager for the International Cycling Union (UCI), was conceding that indeed some of the bicyclists have been ignoring road rules, a bunch of riders were blowing through a red light a short distance from where he was speaking (via The Telegraph)

“Stopping at red lights is something they don’t spend a lot of time bothering about. Basically people out driving around Geelong need to keep a bit of an eye out. We’re working with the teams to make sure they understand they’ve got to abide by the road rules, but there’s plenty of examples … there goes another one. We’ll be talking with them to make sure they stop doing that.”

Ha. There goes another one. Good stuff. What is not good stuff is the self-righteous, nearly combative attitudes of many of the amateur douchebag cyclists I frequently come into contact with on the weekends as they pedal about in their skin tight outfits and helmets acting like they are the kings and queens of the freaking road. Yeah, I see you there, hotshot. It’s kind of hard to miss a guy wearing neon green cycling shorts and sporting an aerodynamic helmet while he circles around at a stoplight acting as though the stoplight is some kind of major inconvenience which he shouldn’t have to deal with – go ahead, cycling asshole: ride through it and see if that flatbed truck going 60 miles-per-hour cares about how much you cannot adequately gauge of your time is improving since you started using Power Bars as suppositories.

And another thing, don’t you hate their holier-than-thou attitudes and the way they look down their noses at you because you’re in a car? Hey, jagoff Lance Armstrong wannabe: I have a bunch of crap to do today and the thought of trying to carry 10 bags of groceries while pedaling a goddamn bike doesn’t really sound very appealing. Also, while running errands, I’d rather not be sweating like a whore in church the entire time. Sorry.

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