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No Ifs Ands Or Butts: Boys And Girls High School Coach Fired After Mooning Incident

Never Mind The Buttocks, Here’s Your Walking Papers!

William Miller, a volunteer assistant football coach for the Boys And Girls High School (what about transgendered kids? Are they not allowed to attend this school?) in Brooklyn was relieved of his duties after an ugly incident over the weekend where he dropped trou and mooned the fans of the opposing team after a controversial ending to a game.

Miller made his ass a central character when he showed it to the fans of rival Campus Magnet after a melee ensued between coaches and school safety officers which escalated to involve pushing and shoving.

How the ugly scene transpired (via the New York Daily News):

Campus Magnet had just scored a touchdown, extending its lead to 14-6. On the 2-point conversion try, running back Raeshawn Lewis was apparently stripped of the ball as he crossed the goal line.

There was confusion over whether Lewis fumbled. After the refs convened, they ruled that Lewis had broken the plane of the goal line with the ball firmly in his hands.

The Boys and Girls coaches went ballistic, charging onto the field to argue the call.

The coaches, clad in red T-shirts and shorts, hurled obscenities at the refs, witnesses said.

After a few minutes, five school safety officers rushed the field and pulled out their handcuffs, further stoking the Boys and Girls coaches’ rage.

A bizarre situation indeed. But in the end, despite his mother’s insistence that her son isn’t the kind of boy who would act a fool and wave his butt at strangers (“That doesn’t sound like him, that he would show his behind. I can’t see him doing that.”) Miller’s volunteer service will no longer be necessary, needed or welcome. One Campus Magnet parent, David Sumter, agreed with Miller’s termination, although he might be a bit biased – he did see Miller’s ass – saying, “It’s definitely fair. He’s influencing children and he has to think about that.”

Jeez, what a kick in the pants, huh? Or I suppose that should be a kick in the bare ass, given the gluteus-maximusity of this particular situation. Yeah, I made that term up. If you got a problem with it, you can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

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