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Video Killed The NHL Star: Mike Fisher Appears In Wife Carrie Underwood’s Video

Wait. They still make music videos? They do? That can’t be right, can it? Oh well.

My ignorance regarding the current trends in music video production notwithstanding, Ottawa Senators center Mike Fisher, by way of his nuptials to country pop music sensation Carrie Underwood, has officially entered the world of pop culture after making a cameo in his darling wife’s new video for her song, “Mama’s Song.”

And since I am well aware of the fact that the Sportress is for many of you the go-to source for country music, I’d like to pass along that fan reaction to Underwood’s new video and song has been extremely favorable. Via the Vancouver Sun:

“Absolutely beautiful just like she is.. ,” one fan gushes. “There is no one in the industry with more sincere heart and soul. This woman is truly amazing and not an American Idol but and American Angel and Icon. I love her! she’s amazing and she’s an incredible role model for women everywhere!

“A+++++ for all concerned with this video – it hits the mark !!!!” another fan writes. “Just so heartfelt with Carrie and her real Mom, Mike, pics of the wedding, when she was young with her Mom and Dad – great concept -… “

Good to know. Good to know. Sure, she’s no Loretta Lynn or Crystal Gayle, but Carrie’s alright in my book.

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