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Going Against HBO’s Hard Knocks, NHL: Even Canadians Think Sidney Crosby Is Boring

I know! Who knew Canadians could be such traitors against their own kind? Such nice people, usually, but in a column for the Toronto Sun, columnist Chris Stevenson asserts what most people who follow the NHL have known for years about Sidney Crosby: talented (but petulant) on the ice, boring as all get out off it.

So, does HBO have any idea what they are getting themselves into hitching their wagons to the drab, stale personality of one Sidney Crosby?

Via the Toronto Sun:

All the good folks at HBO think they have to do to make Crosby interesting, one general manager said Thursday, is put a mic on him on the ice and run the unedited footage.

Again, I say let’s hear it.

“I’m not worried,” said Crosby. “I’m cranky just like everyone else. I was cranky today.”

Rawr. Fortunately, one thing HBO’s NHL documentary does have going for it: the enigmatic, unpredictable presence of Alexander Ovechkin (pictured above with Crosby – as an aside, I’m sure I’m not the first person to notice this, but isn’t Ovechkin a spitting image of a young Richard Kiel?).

I have spent a considerable amount of bandwidth here at the Sportress documenting Ovie’s oddball persona, so it would come as no surprise to me if Ovechkin become the breakout star of this four-part series. But don’t count on Ovechkin hamming it up for the cameras and swearing a blue streak, a la Jets head coach Rex Ryan.

“If I say some bad words, it’s gonna be in Russian words so you guys don’t understand it,” Ovechkin told reporters in Washington.

Fair enough. When asked what his favorite television show is, Ovechkin informed reporters he doesn’t watch television.

“I watch only movie, ya. The last movie I watched was ‘The Town.’ It was pretty cool.”

Oh ya? Ya. With that said, if you think Ovie is going to miss out on his debut in the magical world of Reality Television Land, you would be dead wrong.

“I’m going to watch it for sure,” said Ovechkin. “This is probably going to be my favourite show.”

But, by definition, wouldn’t the only show a person watches on television invariably be their favorite show? Man, that Ovie. He’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma stuffed inside the body of an Unfrozen Caveman Hockey Player.

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