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Dwight Freeney Fell Into Trap Of Taking Anything Peter King Writes Seriously

Dwight Freeney might be one of the most-feared pass rushers in the NFL but he made a critical mistake when he not only read something written by Sports Illustrated‘s Peter King but then taking offense to it.

Freeney is upset that he was not included in King’s “Five Most Fearsome Pass Rushers for 2010 and Beyond” in the Sports Illustrated NFL Preview edition. The Colts defensive lineman was especially displeased with number 4 on King’s list: Brian Orakpo of the Washington Redskins.

Via The Indianapolis Star:

“Who is this?” Freeney asked, pointing to Orakpo’s name.

“When you put Brian Orakpo — and nothing against the guy, he is 24 — but mention him over me, that hurts your credibility as an analyst,” Freeney said. “I know who Peter King is. But to mention (Orakpo) over me? For him not to mention me in the top five, that is an insult.”

I bet King is flattered that Freeney knows who he is and that Freeney is offended by the longtime writer’s so-called esteemed opinion on the most fearsome pass rushers (DeMarcus Ware, Jared Allen and Mario Williams were 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively, with Julius Peppers, along with Orakpo, rounding out the top 5). King, however, may not like that Freeney questioned his research methods:

“Tell (King) to do more research and ask around before he publishes that,” Freeney said. “He should be better than that.”

Sorry, Dwight. King is far too busy throwing s**t at the wall and seeing what sticks while continuously contradicting himself and making subsequent backtracks to take the time to improve and refine his incredibly unscientific methods at arriving at his frequently boneheaded observations. One only has to read Big Daddy Drew’s weekly deconstructions of King’s columns over at Kissing Suzy Kolber to quickly come to the realization that the guy rarely knows what he’s talking about and when he does, it rarely has anything to do with football.

So my advice to Dwight Freeney is to disregard anything Peter King has to say about anything, unless it has to do with traveling. When that occurs, do not only ignore it completely, don’t even waste time reading it.

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