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Double Stuf Racing League’s Two Biggest Threats: Hooded Menace, Not Being Stupid

Oh boy. If you are not familiar with the Double Stuf Racing League, good for you. But my guess is you will not be able to ignore this advertising¬† juggernaut much longer, so you might as well familiarize yourself with the DSRL’s members: Eli Manning, Venus Williams, Apollo Ohno and Shaquille O’Neal. As you can see, the League has a new foil which will force it to maximize and perfect their twisting, licking and dunking skills in order to vanquish. Wait. Are we still talking about Oreos here or what?

Anyhoo. The DSRL campaign is going full bore now with an official site, a Facebook page where people who have apparently nothing better to do with their lives than waste time participating in corporate marketing blitzes can create their own DSRL team (for what reason exactly, I’m not sure). There is even an illustrated .pdf document provided for those people out there who really want to “race” but find the concepts behind eating cookies and drinking milk far too complicated.

Oh, and did I mention the DSRL have a YouTube channel? Check out the video introducing the new team below.

Ooh! Behind the scenes footage!

“Meet Team DSRL” – To introduce the new Double Stuf Oreo Heads or Tails cookie, Eli Manning, Shaquille O’Neal, Venus Williams and Apolo Ohno headline the greatest all-star line-up in Oreo Double Stuf Racing League History. Team DSRL will challenge a mysterious “hooded menace” who is threatening to overtake the league.

The greatest all-star lineup in Oreo Double Stuf Racing League History, you say? Man, Peyton Manning and Serena Williams are probably going to take that news pretty hard. And it’s not like these sets of siblings need anything to increase each of their intense rivalries. I mean, if you can’t recall the epic battles between these four master lickers, take a look at how these four can bring it! Um, yeah. Crap are those commercials awkward, man.

Damn you, Oreo! And damn your Double Stuf Racing League bush league politics! You know what?  I hope the Hooded Menace takes the DSRL down. Takes it down to Chinatown.