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Bears Running Back Chester Taylor Might Be Mildly Tweetarded

Chicago Bears running back Chester Taylor recently decided on his 31nd birthday to take a brave technological leap and enter the fray into the world of social media and created a Twitter account (@CTaylor29). While I cannot ascertain exactly when he created his account, his first tweet was Wednesday afternoon. As you can see, his profile photo and background image depict Taylor in a Vikings uniform. The trouble is Taylor signed a free agent contract with the rival Chicago Bears in the offseason. And the fact that Taylor is not shown in a Bears jersey is alienating his new Chicago fans.

Unfortunately for Taylor, as a Twitter neophyte, he has no idea how to change his profile photo nor his background. I cannot believe that there isn’t one person on the Bears squad that could walk him through the most basic ways in which he can modify his profile.

Since no one has come forward to provide technological assistance to Taylor, the specialty back came up with a compromise:

How bout I keep the vikings pic for twitter and keep the bears pic for my facebook what U think?fans alwayz showed me love

Fair enough, although I’m not sure Bears fans will be willing to go along with his diplomatic solution. And I’m not sure they are going to appreciate it if he continues to deliver tweets in a style suitable for Prince songs. Would it help if Taylor uploaded a video of him doing karaoke to “I Would Die 4 U”?

Probably not.

[H/T Randball]