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Video: You Will Now Refer To Him As LeBron ‘Randy Moss’ James And You Will Like It!

Play basketball at a supremely high level only to alienate an entire state and turn deity-like worship into pariah-like scorn, catch a football in a marginally decent fashion…jeez, what can’t this LeBron James fellow do?

Tagging the video by stating that it is “Always good to be back on the field,” and giving a “Shout out to Booker T. Washington Senior High Tornados(Miami) and the Varsity Football Team,” while ordering his minions to call him “LeBron Randy Moss James. Yes sir!!”, what you see above is LeBron James strapping on a helmet and catching an over-the-shoulder pass while being lazily covered by a defender. Evidently, this was enough for the varsity squad and the various onlookers to go crazy and chase down Miami’s newest Athlete-Deity.

Good for him, I guess. It’s high time that guy got back into somebody’s good graces.