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Question: Why Do The New Orleans Voodoo Spell Their Name With A Capital ‘D’ In It?

Because, as you can plainly see for yourself, it makes it all the more abundantly clear that the AFL team has the word “Doo” in its name. Unless the team is for some reason or another named after a distant relation of Scooby-Doo I have never heard of before, it’s a bad call. And even then, it would be Voo-Doo, anyway. Zoinks!

Now I understand the connection between the New Orleans area and Voodoo and perhaps the team wanted to incorporate some of that mysticality into the team’s image, but VooDoo? Really?

Heh. Doo. It’s funny because it’s another word for poop.

New Orleans VooDoo hires Derek Stingley as its coach [The Times-Picayune]