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On Blog, Tommy Lasorda Waxed Nostalgic About The Buttload Of Hall Of Fames He’s In

Wait. What?

Tommy Lasorda, who has worn many hats during his years in baseball, including but not limited to: legendary and adored MLB manager, endorser of Slim-Fast, a non-payer for sex, occasional napper during interviews, and that’s just the top of the Italian Ice(berg). Who knew he was also a blogger?

That’s right. Tommy Lasorda his blogging at at Tommy Lasorda’s World.

His most recent foray into online journalism (which, after looking at the timestamp, I realized was August 6th, but I had already written this post so I’m going with it…how timely, right?) was to announce that he is to be inducted into the Chattanooga Baseball Hall of Fame, incredibly the 17th Hall of Fame of which he can claim membership. But simply mentioning the 17 Hall of Fames wasn’t enough. Lasorda proceeded to list them.

Today I am being inducted into the Chattanooga Baseball Hall of Fame. Any time you are inducted it is an honor, and this induction will mark my 17th Hall of Fame. I am especially honored to be inducted tonight with Cal Ermer. Cal was an infielder, and later became the manager of the Washington Senators. When they moved ot Minnesota he moved with them and managed there for many years.

Cal and I are the first people to be inducted here in Chattanooga, which is a special distinction as well. I was also the first person to be inducted into the Albuquerque Baseball Hall of Fame. Here is a list of all 17 Halls:

National Baseball Hall of Fame (1997)

Pacific Coast League Hall of Fame (2006)

Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame (2006)

Italian American Sports Hall of Fame (1989)

California Sports Hall of Fame (2006)

Montgomery County Coaches Hall of Fame (2002)

South Atlantic League Hall of Fame (2001)

Albuquerque Baseball Hall of Fame (2007)

Louisiana Italian American Hall of Fame (1985)

Cleveland Italian American Hall of Fame

Rhode Island Italian American Hall of Fame

Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame (2009)

Inland Empire 66ers Hall of Fame (2009)

Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame (2010)

Brooklyn Professional Baseball Hall of Fame (2009)

Ogden Professional Baseball Hall of Fame (2009)

Canadian Hall of Fame? Cuban Hall of Fame? What gives? Tommy Lasorda is neither Canadian nor Cuban (discuss0. And to become a member of an Italian Hall of Fame of a particular locale, what exactly are the requirements? Do you have to simply pass through or do you have to set up shop for a month or two or perhaps simply eat at an Italian eatery in said location once or twice? Because if that’s the case, I want to be in the New York City Italian American Hall of Fame. That’s right: I ate at the midtown Sbarro once.

One last thing: does anybody really believe that Lasorda sits down at one of the newfangled, dadgum computer thingamajobbers and types these posts out himself? I doubt it. The guy is 83-years-old, for crying out loud. In fact, I’m pretty sure if you asked Lasorda what Tommy Lasorda’s World was, he would have no idea what you were talking about – if he managed to stay awake the entire time the question was being posed to him.

In any event, congratulation to Tommy Lasorda. You’ve come a long way from Norristown, Pennsylvania. Have a cannoli on me.

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