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Artist Renderings Of New Sets For PTI And Around The Horn Are Totally Trippy, Brah!

Jeez, beam me up, Tony. Get a look at that set. I especially appreciate the fact that the artist chose to use Lil Wayne, a convicted felon, as one of the panelists over using Jay Mariotti’s ugly mug. Good call. Lofty call.

What we have here are the initial artist renderings of what the space-age, tripping balls sets will look like once Around the Horn (above) and Pardon the Interruption (below) switch over to their new studio digs in D.C. and go high definition.

Erik Rydholm, the executive producer for both shows, had this to say about the new, galactic space opera sets (via ESPN Media Zone):

“The new studios and the move to HD will be a great thing for viewers, but it also means all our guys’ faces will be in HD, which could be a little frightening, though they are doing their best to age gracefully. The PTI set will be a little smaller and a little fancier, and Around the Horn will look like Tony Reali is in a spaceship or an Apple store.”

Ha. Frightening indeed.

It seriously does look like Reali is on the bridge of the Enterprise and he’s communicating with Colishaw in Engineering, Michael Smith in a transporter room, Woody Paige from the Holodeck (of course) and Lil Wayne from Ten Forward.

Just one thing: if you are a comely young production assistant on set and and Woody Paige comes up and asks you if you’d like to see the “Captain’s Log,” don’t take the bait. Please. It’s for your own good.

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