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Video: Thierry Henry Fined $2K For Injuring Goalie Apparently Made Out Of Glass

The MLS has elected to only fine, not suspend, New York Red Bulls player Thierry Henry after he inadvertently injured FC Dallas goalie Kevin Hartman last Thursday while kicking the soccer ball out of the goalkeeper’s control. Just before halftime, the Red Bulls tied up the score and as Hartman was set to the put the ball back into play, Henry rushed in and booted the ball, causing Hartman to shatter to the ground in a pile of broken glass. Or at least that would be the appropriate metaphor to illustrate the violence of the impact which injured the goalie.

The league’s disciplinary committee ruled that Henry’s actions were “unsporting” but not suspension worthy, a decision that drew the ire of Hartman’s agent, Ron Waxman (via The Washington Post):

“The members of the disciplinary committee should be embarrassed and ashamed,” he told the Insider. “It’s either no punishment or there must be a suspension. I’m sorry to discover that they’ve established a double standard for the treatment of their marquee players as opposed to the treatment of their rank and file.

“I hope the committee members can look themselves in the mirror at halftime of that game while Kevin Hartman, who was having a much better year than Henry, sits at home recovering from an injury at the hands of a reckless action, which is going virtually unpunished.”

Rawr. I don’t mean to quibble nor am I refuting the claim that Hartman was injured during the play, but really? Take a look at the video and then explain to me how in any way, shape or form that minor collision should have resulted in a debilitating injury. With that in mind, Hartman would be wise to never allow one of those reflex tests to be done on him where the doctor taps a person’s knee with a tiny mallet. If the horrific injury he suffered above by Hartman is any indication, a blunt force trauma like that would probably cause his knee to explode.

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