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Noted MLB Apologist Bob Costas Dares To Question Bud Selig’s Take On Instant Replay

Check out the cojones on Big Bad Bob Costas!

During an appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show,” Costas, a man who generally avoids controversy, refuses to  say anything that could be deemed hypercritical and practically falls over himself when praising the inherent, timeless, unchangeable qualities of his beloved Major League Baseball, took a shot at Bud Selig’s opinion on the role of instant replay in baseball and how it will remain as is for the playoffs.

First, Selig’s statements (via

“I had a [conference] call with my committee last week, and I brought it up,” Selig said Monday night, responding to questions by reporters covering the memorial unveiling in honor of the late George Steinbrenner at Yankee Stadium. “I talk with a lot of managers and general managers, and I don’t get the feeling that there’s a lot of support for it — at least in the conversations they have with me.

“I’m willing to consider it, but it’s a complicated subject. Our committee said we need to study it more. We’ll continue to look at it. There’s no question baseball is a game of pace, and one needs to be very sensitive about it.”

Utter ridiculousness, to be sure, but who else is surprised that the voice screaming out of the darkness calling out Selig would be Bob Costas? Here’s a brief excerpt (via SI) of Costas’ remarks on Patrick’s show (you can listen to segment in its entirety here):

“That is so illogical to mount a defense is ridiculous,” Costas said.
Oh snap! I never would have suspected that Costas would go there, but he so went there! And better yet, he did so in a manner of speaking which would is so profoundly Vulcan it would make a Trekkie proud. Heh. Illogical.

Live long and prosper, Bob Costas. I think I might like the new, reckless, devil-may-care attitude he is utilizing here. It’s almost like Costas is also incorporating a Klingon’s warrior mentality into his personality as well. Or something.

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