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In Ron Artest’s World, Cities Should Be Able To Trade Sports Franchises

It’s been awhile since we last took a fun-filled ride on Ron Artest’s Kooky Cavalcade of Craziness, so I thought what better way to start off the day than with this quote from the Ron-Man he made during a promotional appearance for the Lakers in San Diego on Monday. Artest suggested that the cities of Los Angeles and San Diego should trade the NBA’s Clippers for the NFL’s Chargers.

From the Orange County Register (via Pro Basketball Talk):

“Maybe we can swap, the Chargers for the Clippers. No disrespect to the Clippers. You can have them back. I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way. I really like the Clippers, but I feel they deserve their own fan base because in L.A. they’re overshadowed. The Clippers deserve a shot at having their own identity.”

That is one of the more sensible things I have read recently. The Clippers did play in San Diego from 1978-1984 and Los Angeles does want even an NFL team (even though they have never proved they deserve one), so in some ways, Artest’s suggestion, however strange, may have an element of real world applicability to it.

Now, I don’t have the slightest idea who this doppelganger is and why he was claiming to be Ron Artest in San Diego yesterday, but the fact that this impostor was able to articulate cogent, well-reasoned thoughts which are typically not part of Artest’s repertoire cause me to wonder what exactly is going on here. Maybe Artest is like Michale Keaton’s character in that movie Multiplicity. Perhaps all the demands on Artest to be bats**t crazy at all times and in all places have now become unmanageable for the enigmatic basketball player and cloning himself was the only option. Yep. An army of Ron Artest clones running wild in the streets, performing good works in an off-kilter, Artestian fashion. That’s the ticket.

Artest: Let’s trade Clippers to SD for Chargers [Orange County Register (via Pro Basketball Talk)]