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If You Want Timely Sports Reporting, You Go With ‘Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel’

I am now convinced: Bryant Gumbel is some kind of smooth-talking, smarmy soothsayer. Or at least someone working behind the scenes at his critically-acclaimed HBO show must be. How else can you explain the timeliness of the show’s report on something called “Mascot Boot Camp”? Above is merely a preview of the report, but given that Mascot-Tacklegate is still an incredibly fresh story, the foresight displayed by Gumbel to previously dispatch one of his journalist minions to this Mascot Boot Camp for a report before the story broke is remarkably prescient.

Great work, Bryant Gumbel. Here’s a couple “Hmm…hmm-hmm. Mmm…mmm. Hmm-hmm. Hmm-hmm” for ya.

[H/T Crave Online]