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Danica Patrick Autographing Man Boobs? Danica Patrick Autographing Man Boobs

Worst. Go. Daddy. Ad. Ever.

I don’t know whether to praise the fine folks over at The Slanch Report or curse them to eternal damnation for bringing to light this nightmare fueled photo of Danica Patrick, the greatest barely average auto racer of this time or any other, and how it depicts how she agreed to sign a young man’s sizable moobs. Thanks for the mammaries, I guess.

I mean, jeez, get a look at how Cletus is able to take a generous scoop of man-breast flesh in each hand and squeeze them together. Chilling. It’s almost enough to induce the activation of one’s gag reflex. But does his milkshake bring all the boys to the yard? You know, the yard littered with auto parts, soiled couches and broken kitchen appliances.

[H/T The Slanch Report]