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The Arizona Cardinals Organization Doesn’t Like Marijuana

Perhaps that statement is a bit of a stretch. Instead, it perhaps should read that the Cardinals organization do not appear to be fond of the legalization of medicinal marijuana in Arizona. This conclusion is arrived due to the news that the team donated $10,000 to “Keep AZ Drug Free,” a group that strongly opposes Proposition 203, a measure to be voted on by state residents in November “which could make medical marijuana legal in the state and let chronically ill or severe pain patients buy small amounts of pot from state licensed clinics with a doctor’s approval.”

From Phoenix Business Journal (via NORML):

Cardinals team President Michael Bidwill is listed by the anti-203 group as one of the main Valley leaders opposed to medical marijuana legalization. USA Basketball Chairman Jerry Colangelo also is part of the Keep AZ Drug Free group’s efforts.

Arizona voters will decide Prop. 203’s fate in November Arizona would be the 15th state to allow for medical marijuana.

The Cardinals were not able to provide comment on their $10,000 contribution Wednesday evening.

While I suppose Bidwill has every right to donate to whatever political interest group he so chooses, it’s odd that instead of making a personal donation, he apparently did it in the team’s name, which is odd when one considers that the Cardinals have seemingly managed to avoid the immigrant issue s**tstorm which the Arizona Diamondbacks have found themselves in due to the controversial Arizona state law. So why would the Cardinals willingly stick their necks out and embroil the organization in a separate, albeit less controversial, political quagmire?

Further, given that the season for the Cardinals has all the appearances of being a complete failure and an abject nightmare for the fans (especially in light of yesterday’s 41-7 drubbing by Atlanta), marijuana might be the only thing that will help Cardinals fans make it through the season. If marijuana were in fact legal, of course, but that goes without saying, right?

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