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Cutler-Cavallari 4-Ever: Update Your Power Couple Fantasy League Roster Accordingly

Everything’s coming up Cutler!

After his three-touchdown performance in the Bears’ 27-20 victory over the suddenly normal Cowboys on Sunday, Jay Cutler is probably feeling like he’s living on Cloud Nine and that he could eat as many snack size Butterfingers as he damn well pleases. Throw in that the Bears are a somewhat surprising 2-0 along with the fact that according to Cutler himself, his budding relationship with reality show star Kristin Cavallari is going quite swimmingly, it’s safe to say that the quarterback is feeling pretty damn good right now.

Cutler appeared on something called “The Waddle & Silvy Show” and one of the topics addressed is his brand new special lady and how their relationship has thrust the quarterback into the celebrity power couple limelight (via ESPN Chicago):

“I’m so busy with football and [offensive coordinator] Mike [Martz] and stuff it’s just hard to catch up with that. The only way I hear about it is if my sister tells me.

“I went in Monday morning, got my stuff done, came back, landed [Tuesday] went in, game-planned a little,” Cutler said about last week. “I got enough football for probably everybody at this point. I don’t think [Cavallari] is in New York right now so don’t think I can go back there [this week].

“Yeah, they’re going well. It’s working out so far.”

Good to know. But to be perfectly honest, other than the fact that the Cutler-Cavallari coupling has caused me to bump both of them up into my Power Couple Fantasy League’s starting lineup (so long, Miles Austin-Kim Kardashian!!), my only purpose for passing along this information was to embed a couple of photos from Kristin’s recent sexy lingerie shoot:

Yes, I know, I possess neither dignity nor a sense of shame. But the trade-off? So freaking worth it.

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