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Beware: The Nightmare Ant Has Resurfaced – And He Looks As Terrifying As Ever

For those of you who have been around the sports blogosphere for some time most assuredly have previously encountered Nightmare Ant, the moniker bestowed upon the terrifying beast by J.E. Skeets, whom many of you know as the former editor of Yahoo! Sports NBA blog Ball Don’t Lie editor and current editor of The Basketball Jones. Once upon a time, Skeets was also a contributor at Deadspin and it was during that time way back in 2007 when he unleashed Nightmare Ant (who is actually the mascot for the Fort Wayne Mad Ants) on an unsuspecting and unprepared public.

Well, folks, Nightmare Ant is back taking over the tubes once again. Courtesy of Pro Basketball Talk (by way of Tirico Suave) comes the following video where Nightmare Ant reveals the activities which occur around the Mad Ants’ offices on a typical day.

While the video is amusing in its own right – when isn’t grown men playing with wrestling dolls not a hoot? –  the evidence that Nightmare Ant is alive and well and still on the loose should send shivers down your spine.

Look out for things that go bump in the night, kids. Especially if that thing is a terrifying NBA D-League mascot.

[H/T Pro Basketball Talk (via Tirico Suave)]