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Pubic Service Announcement: Paul Bissonnette To ‘Biznatches’: ‘Trim Ur Unit’

I would hate to be accused of going to the crazy well too often with my continued highlighting of Phoenix Coyotes goon Paul Bissonnette’s way-out-there tweets, but if he keeps tweeting about Panty Soup, Poop Towels and now, biznatches trimmin’ their units, I have little choice.

Just follow the guy already: you shan’t be disappointed.

And to all of you biznatches out there, whether or not you are one of the fortunate ones who make up BizNasty’s Biznatch Harem: of course do with your pubic area what you wish. On the other hand, if you all of sudden feel that the situation is getting a bit hairy down there (pun intended) and have decided that yes, you really should “trim ur unit” and need some manicuring ideas, Bissonnette is here for you, ladies:

What? Nary a mention of a Brazilian? You’re going soft on us, BizNasty.

And the barber shop recommendation? Brilliant. Just walk on in to your neighborhood Great Clips or Fantastic Sams or whatever shop you have in your particular neighborhood, drop your panties and let the stylists and customers have a look-see and see if they can come up with any good ideas. A well-shaven question mark is always a nice touch. It lends a sense of sassiness to the snizz, a mystique to the muff, wouldn’t you agree? Just stay away from the colon, in more ways than one.