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Jenn Sterger Offers Up Her Two Cents On The Ines Sainz Situation

If there is one gal who knows what its like to be judged not on the content of her abilities but solely on the size of her boobies, it’s Jenn Sterger. So it made perfect sense that someone sought her out for her take on the whole Ines Sainz controversy. The Daily Line hostess with the mostest appeared on WQAM in Miami with Sid Rosenberg this morning to discuss Sainz, Erin Andrews Peepholegate and even manages to somewhat butcher a Dave Chappelle joke during the process.

Via Sports Radio Interviews:

On her general take on the Ines Sainz situation:

“This is the same woman that walked into the Patriots’ locker room about a year ago and asked Tom Brady to marry her. … So we have to kind of keep this whole thing in perspective, that she’s not exactly been this shrinking violet when it comes to being on the sidelines. There’s plenty of pictures of her out there at football games, at basketball games, and she’s not exactly appropriately dressed. And this is coming from someone like me. Look, I don’t play any games … I know my past and I know my role. I’m very aware of what’s been in my wardrobe in past years. At the same time, I’m 27 now and fighting gravity. … I’ve realized that if I want to be taken seriously in the business that I’m choosing to pursue, I’ve got to dress a certain way, I’ve got to look a certain way. That’s why I had my implants removed last year. That’s why I’ve really kind of taken a more conservative turn in how I dress. … Let’s put it this way, not all jeans and white T-shirts are created equal.”

Yep, 27. It’s all downhill from here for Jenn Sterger.

She continues:

On how appearance effects the way women are viewed:

“It brings me up this great quote I remember from one of Dave Chappelle’s standup acts. You can’t dress like a hooker and then be like, ‘Just because I’m dressed this way does not make me a hooker.’”

Come on! She totally messed the joke up. Allow me to illustrate.


“You’ll be out at a bar with your buddies right, and a girl walks by, and mannnnn she looks good. Not good in that classical way. I’m talking good like she got half her ass hanging out the bottom of her skirt – her titties are all mashed together and poppin out the top of her turtle neck sweater.

And your with your buddies right, you got a couple drinks in ya, and you might wanna talk to her, and it might not come out right, you dont know what your sayin ‘DAMN LOOK AT THEM TITTIES!’

The girl gets mad at you and says ‘OH! WAIT A MINUTE! Just because i’m dressed this way, does NOT make me a whore!’

Which is true, gentlemen its true, just because they dress a certin way does not make them a certin way, dont ever forget it, but ladies you must understand that is fucking confusing. It just is.

Now that would be like me – Dave Chappelle, walkin the streets in a cop uniform. Someone might run up on me – ‘AHHH Thank god, officer – help us! They’re over here! Help us!!’

‘OHH. Just because i’m dressed this way, does not make me a police officer!’

You understand what i’m sayin – Alright lady fine. Fine. You are not a whore.

But you are wearing a whore’s uniform!”

See? That’s much better. Sometimes, it’s best to simply leave things to the professionals.

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