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It’s 4:19, You Gotta Minute?

• Man running for Louisiana Senate challenges his opponent to cage match. Bonus points if he elects to fight with the moniker “The Minority Whip.” [Out of Bounds]

• Dwight Howard has sued his baby mama for $500 million. I’m sure she has the money. [With Leather]

• The most popular fantasy football names. What, no Strong Fighters or Frozen Cavemen? By the way, that’s a super old SNL reference for you young whippersnappers. [Larry Brown Sports]

• The photo editor for Esquire had dug up some old Ines Sainz photos. I wonder what prompted him to do that? [Busted Coverage]

• Drew imagines how Ines Sainz’s visit to the Jets locker room might have went. Brilliant. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

• Shannon Sharpe has returned from his hiatus and is already back at CBS Sports. At least give us time to miss you, Shannon. [Awful Announcing]

• Vintage class: Carlos Pena has his own wine and the proceeds benefit the families of fallen police officers. [Ted Williams Head]

• Lame: the Blackeyed Peas are your Super Bowl halftime show “entertainment.” [SPORTSbyBROOKS]

• Question: was Bobby Valentine drunk during “Web Gems” the other night? Answer: when isn’t he? [Bob’s Blitz]

• The “Jimmy Johnson Survivor Report” for episode 1. [Shutdown Corner]

• Ladies and gentlemen: Metallica shoes. [Food Court Lunch]

• The Guardian of the Stanley Cup previews the Blackhawks. [Melt Your Face Off]

• Derek Jeter, snubbed at The Tonys. Damn you, Scarsdale Surprise. [TAUNTR]

The Onion Headline of the Day, Part II: Difficult To Tell If T.J. Maxx Hit Hard By Recession

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