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But Shouldn’t Clinton Portis Be Wearing The Bucket?

Because he’s blind to journalism’s tyranny, you see.

Clinton Portis has never let something controversial that he’s done prevent him from proceeding to do something stupid afterward relating to said controversial incident, so why stop now? Above is a screengrab from Comcast SportsNet (via D.C. Sports Bog) of Portis during his weekly availability to the media. Obviously, Portis expected most of the questioning to be about his comments about Ines Sainz, football player’s packages and whatnot, but as you can see, Portis wasn’t biting. At least he wasn’t biting through the black tape he had affixed over his mouth.

An account of how the entire guerrilla comedy routine transpired, via CBS Sports:

When asked about his remarks at his weekly media availability, the Washington Redskins running back stood at his locker and held up messages written on a spiral notebook.

Do you wish you’d never said it? Portis held up the notebook: “NO COMMENT.” Defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth, the co-star in the routine, put a piece of black athletic tape on Portis’ mouth.

What about the game coming up on Sunday? Portis flipped the notebook to another page: “THANKS FOR COMING.” Haynesworth put a second piece of tape on Portis’ mouth.

Did you make those signs? Portis responded by turning to two more pages: “GOD BLESS YOU” and then “HAVE A GOOD DAY.” Two more pieces of tape from Haynesworth.

It’s nice that Portis included Haynesworth in his courageous protest of silence. Thankfully for Haynesworth, it didn’t involve any physical comedy. Or sprints. You know, since that would have symbolized are persecution. Or something.

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