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Angered By Blowout Loss At Cal, CU Student Wants School To Pay For Road Trip

Julien Lounis is a senior at the University of Colorado and is a die-hard Buffaloes football fan. So, when he packed his bags and made the trip out to Berkeley, California to watch his beloved squad take on Cal, he was not thrilled by, nor expected the outcome to be as one-sided as the 52-7 blowout administered by the Golden Bears last Saturday.

As many current and former college students can attest, money can be somewhat of a scarce resource during those lean years as an undergraduate (ramen, anyone?), so Lounis, in his profound disappointment at spending his hard-earned money (or the money his parents wired to him via Western Union), sought out reparations for the utter waste of a road trip.

Upon his return to campus, Lounis sent an angry e-mail to the school demanding it reimburse him for the cost of his trip. The disgruntled Lounis even attached an invoice to his e-mail totaling $401.40, which included airfare, hotel and ticket costs. Via The Denver Post:

“I was just so disappointed by our team, again, and I wanted to make a point to the athletic department about it,” Lounis said.

Disappointed? I can see that. Going so far as to expect the school to pay for his trip? Gutsy move. Ridiculous, sure, but gutsy.

Not surprisingly, the response from the school did little to indicate that the desired justice Lounis was seeking via his questionable, yet strangely noble crusade would be delivered:

“That does not even deserve a response,” CU athletics spokesman David Plati wrote in an e-mail Tuesday.

Ouch.  That’s harsh, man. Although I suspect the negative reaction from Plati would be nothing compared to the one which would have been elicited from Buffaloes head football coach Dan Hawkins if someone had taken the time to ask him for his thoughts regarding Lounis’ demands…brother.

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