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Jemele Hill Probably Thinks Rooting For Ines Sainz Is Like Saying Hitler Was A Victim

Sorry, whenever Jemele Hill gets in the news, I have to figure out a way to incorporate her epic error in judgment from way back in the 2008 NBA playoffs when she managed to incorporate a Hitler reference into a rip on the Boston Celtics. In lesser hands, Hill’s comparison would have come off as tasteless, you see. Nevertheless, her gaffe got Hill suspended by tWWL and prompted her to write an apology column.

Jemele Hill, to her credit, took on the entire Ines Sainz Brouhaha in a column published yesterday on entitled, “The Jets, Ines Sainz and sharing blame,” in which she argues that both the Jets and Sainz are to blame for the controversy, which is a good thing, otherwise the title wouldn’t have made any sense. And believe me, I know a thing or two about misleading headlines…

An excerpt:

The NFL has launched an investigation, and Jets owner Woody Johnson personally called Sainz to apologize.

That, in itself, is tremendous progress. It’s taken a long time for women to be taken seriously in sports media. It was 20 years ago this week that Lisa Olson, currently a sports columnist for AOL Fanhouse, was subjected to humiliating treatment by members of the New England Patriots in their locker room, an incident that many acknowledge as a turning point for female media members in their struggle to gain respect in the sports industry. At the time, many dismissed Olson’s claims of harassment, and she received an avalanche of public scorn.

But at the risk of sounding insensitive to Sainz, I would never group her situation with the Jets with Olson’s treatment by the Pats. I’m having a hard time feeling sympathetic for someone who at times carries herself in a manner that insults some women in this business.

Indeed. As you might suspect, Hill’s column on the topic is well thought out and her reasoning by which she arrives at her opinions regarding the issues at hand are well-constructed and clearly articulated. Perhaps Sainz could learn a thing or two from Hill. One of them being don’t be a wiseacre and make hackneyed references to Hitler. Ever. Nevertheless, the column is a good read.

Oh, and I thought of another career lesson Sainz could learn from Jemele Hill: don’t ever work with Skip Bayless. That guy is an idiot of the highest order.

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