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Do You Speak Like An Uneducated Cajun Inbred? The Times Picayune Needs Your Help

Who dat gonna compile an online dictionary comprised of  derivations of “Who Dat,” the wonderfully charming, not-annoying-at-all battle cry of the New Orleans Saints faithful? The Times-Picayune, of course!


Super Bowl XLIV didn’t just crown a new champion; it created a whole new language. New Orleans Saints fans continue to create so many new variations on the phrase “Who Dat” that we’ve decided to begin compiling them online, with your help.

A few to get your [sic] started:

* New Dat (n): a recently converted Saints fan

* True Dat (n): a long-time Saints fan

* Two Dat (v): to bring the Lombardi Trophy home to New Orleans for the second time

* Boo Dat (v): what a Who Dat does when the ref blows a call

* Coochie-coo Dat (n): a Saints fan who gets caught on the Superdome Kiss Cam

Let your creative juices flow and post your Who Dat vocabulary words below in our comments area or e-mail

Here, if those didn’t get your creative juices sufficiently flowing, I have another one to get y’all started:

Screw Dat (v): used to express derision at something mind-numbingly stupid, especially as it pertains to lowbred Cajun swampspeak

I don’t mean to brag, but I think mine is the best of all.

Do you speak Who Dat? New Orleans Saints fans we need your help [NOLA]