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Photographic Evidence That Chad Ochocinco Isn’t Always Running His Mouth

Lots of news coming out of the Twittersphere today – which, like it or not, will likely become much more commonplace now that athletes are using social media as their own improvised personal beat writers – and of course, it involves everybody’s favorite attention-craver, Chad Ochocinco.

Ochocinco, perhaps more than any other athlete, has mastered the use of Twitter, Facebook, etc. to further promote himself and propagate his own self-created cult of personality, and we need to look no further for evidence than the fact that he believes we cannot get enough of what he does as he goes about¬† his rudimentary, daily routines – even such mundane activities as a visit to the dentist. And who am I to argue? I’m posting something about it, right? Don’t you see?¬† I’m part of the problem, dammit!

Anyhoo, Ochocinco needed some wisdom teeth removed and of course, uploaded two photos documenting the minor oral surgery to twitpic. Here’s the question: who took the photo? A member of his entourage? A bored, yet sexy, dental hygienist?

Yeah, let’s go with sexy dental hygienist. That way it will almost be exactly like the story I submitted to Penthouse Forum, which I know probably like a crazy fantasy sounded to the editors but I swear every word of the story was true.

[H/T to the always excellent Randball]