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Nerd! White Sox 2B Brent Lillibridge Stood In This Line Last Night For ‘Halo Reach’

What a neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie, am I right? Not to mention that one could question the wisdom displayed by the ballplayer of standing in line with a bunch of other nerds for a freaking video game the night before the team’s biggest series of the season, a do-or-die three-gamer with the Twins, who the White Sox currently trail by 6 games with a few weeks left to play. What a woodhead.

The above photo was uploaded to plixi last night, linked to his Twitter account with this tweet:

Most important night of the year so far… Halo coming out at 12 tonight and yes I’m in a line to get it… Jokes please…

Indeed, to Lillibridge, it perhaps was the most important night of the year so far, at least until, you know, tonight. Yep, it was much more important for Lillibridge to get his gangly geek hands on the newest Halo release (which, I will concede looks totally bad ass) than to get a good night’s rest, something his teammate, Mark Teahen, jokingly informed him of via this tweet (notice the hashtag, “heardLevel3IsSick):

Brent, get to bed. Take Gavin, Thornton & Putz with you. Halo will survive the night without you. @BSLillibridge #heardLevel3IsSick

To which Lillibridge promptly replied:

I promise I’ll be in bed early 2nite Noone wants to win more than I do. As much as I luv playing bball I have a lot of nerd in me

Heh. “I have a lot of nerd in me.” That’s the same thing Betty Childs thought when Lewis was plowing her in that waterbed-moon surface thingamajobber in Revenge of the Nerds. But I digress.

Hopefully, Lillibridge followed Teahen’s advice and didn’t stay up all hours of the night playing Halo Reach. My guess is Ozzie Guillen wouldn’t be very understanding of his second baseman’s excuse for feeling groggy. Just a hunch.

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