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Man Using BB Gun To Motivate Youth Football Player Gives Us This Epic Mug Shot

Oh my, now that, my friends, is one magnificently hilarious mug shot. How does one manage to get that kind of farmer’s tan on one’s face?

While we contemplate that intriguing question, here are the particulars of the story. Robert Barker, of central Florida, had been charged with one count of child abuse/neglect and one count of aggravated assault with a weapon for allegedly forcing a 16-year-old football player to run wind sprints after the kid, who Barker said, according to the police report, “was out of shape and unable to finish the game.”

Via Click Orlando:

After an anonymous 911 call alerted the police that Barker was making the kid run sprints in his front yard (the boy’s relationship to Barker is not being disclosed) in full pads while holding a BB gun, Barker was taken into custody.

Barker said he used the BB gun as motivation and didn’t point the gun at the boy, although he admitted to shooting it in the air about seven times while the boy ran 10 sprints, the report stated.

According to the arrest report, Barker said the boy suffered a concussion about three weeks ago but was cleared to play. The boy said he felt dizzy and numb during the game, so his coach decided to give him rest.

The boy told the deputy that he never saw Barker point the gun at him and didn’t know how many sprints he completed, according to the report.

Wow. Just wow. While I feel bad for the kid and hope he turns out to be alright, and by no means do I condone this kind of deplorable, twisted behavior, I am however grateful that Barker believed that wielding a BB gun was an effective motivational tool just so this mug shot will permanently be part of the Sportress’ archives. What a knuckle-dragging, red-faced loser.

(thanks to Sportress reader Upstate Underdog for the link)

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