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Browns Fans Forced To Take Trip In Wayback Machine To Justify Love For Team

For a video study entitled “Browns Fans Confessionals” (or, the alternate title I came up with, Dr. DawgPound or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Squad – it’s a little wordy, but hey, it worked for Kubrick), the folks at sought out average Browns fans and asked them to explain their undying loyalty to their much maligned, yet still beloved, football team.

The premise for the video experiment (via

No matter how the team performs, one thing is certain, Browns fans love their football team. All season long is asking you, the fans, why you love your team, why you stick by them and your favorite Browns memories in a feature called “Browns Fans Confessionals.”

Check out the video we shot Monday night at Taste of the Browns where we asked Browns fans just like you to tell us why they were Browns fans.

As you can see for yourself, their statements are peppered with references to “Brian Sipe,” “the 1980s,” “Jim Brown’s rookie season,” “great victories in the ’60s and ’70s,” providing clear evidence that Browns fans are forced to dig way back in their memory banks to come up with any legitimate reason for why they still love the Browns. One guy even equates the condition of being a Browns fan to some sort of illness that can be passed on and transmitted to subsequent generations, and I quote: “Unfortunately, we’ve passed the sickness on to the the little guy here.” Ouch.

Yet I strongly admire them for their unconditional love for the Browns. To this day, they are still holding out for a better day, with testimonials stating that they are “hopeful every year,” that the team “will come back someday,” and my personal favorite, “there’s no sense switching teams now.”

Makes you feel all nice and warm inside, doesn’t it? GO BROWNS!

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