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Wake N’ Blog: Mad Cow Disease Causes Cattle Eyes To Glow – That’s, Um, Frightening

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• In a new study published in Analytical Chemistry (my favorite bathroom reading material), researchers report that the eyes of cows infected with Mad Cow Disease emit a tell-tale glow. “The characteristic fluorescent signatures are thought to be the result of an accumulation of lipofuscin in the retina,” explained Jacob Petrich of the Department of Chemistry at Iowa State University. Lipswhatscin? That’s weird, man. [msnbc]

• Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson is good. [Out of Bounds]

• Iowa police arrested 130 fans for various alcohol-related incidents during the Iowa-Iowa State game. [Busted Coverage]

• The Detroit Lions were robbed yesterday, I tells ya, robbed! [Larry Brown Sports]

• It’s time to take a step onto the NFL Week 1 Jump To Conclusions Mat. [Shutdown Corner]

• David Beckham partied with the cast of Jersey Shore? Wha? [Ted Williams Head]

• Let’s class up this joint a bit with a link to the 15th edition of “The Sports Snob.” [You Been Blinded]

• Bootylicious sideline reporter Inés Sainz alleges that she was mistreated by the New York Jets during a visit. [Bob’s Blitz]

• Fantasy football free is the only way to live. [The Legend of Cecilio Guante]

• Rory McIlroy doesn’t want to be like Tiger Woods. [Wei Under Par]

• Angry Lions fan uploads angry YouTube video. Jebus. [Tirico Suave]

The Onion Headline of the Day: Guy Carrying Guitar Case On Elevator Envied By Everyone On Elevator, Imagines Guy