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Paul Bissonnette Takes A Break From ‘Panty Soup’ To Tweet About Pooping

Alrighty then. Good to know. I guess we should simply be thankful that the goofball didn’t upload a photo of said fecal experience to twitpic, because I wouldn’t put it past him.

If you haven’t yet made the decision to follow Phoenix Coyotes goon Paul Bissonnette’s Twitter account (@BizNasty2point0), you are missing out in a big way. The guy is way out there, from his tweets about whipping up a batch of panty soup to the above tweet where he informs us of his butt-wiping escapades gone awry, Bissonnette easily has one of the most compelling Twitter accounts of any professional athlete.

And yes, it would be best if he just threw that soiled towel away. That’s nasty.