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(Off Topic) Getting Jizzy With It: Two Brits Busted For Running Illegal Sperm Bank

Man, it sure does take a lot of spunk to set up an illegal sperm bank and operate it out of your basement. In more ways the one, I suppose.

Now get a load of this: that seems to be the exactly predicament to British men find themselves in after authorities arrested them after it was discovered they were running an unlicensed sperm bank.

Via azcentral:

Nigel Woodforth and Ricky Gage are accused of earning 250,000 pounds ($385,895) by running a Web site that provided women who wanted to conceive with access to anonymous sperm donors.

Prosecutors said Monday that Woodforth, 43, ran the company from the basement of his home, and the two men did not have a license to procure or distribute sperm, as required by British law.

Women who paid a fee to use the company’s services would choose from a list of men before the sperm was delivered to their homes, prosecutors said.

While you can question their business ethics, there is no way you can characterize their business acumen and moxie negatively. I mean, a sperm bank that makes deliveries? Genius. I bet they were making money hand over fist.

2 accused of illegally making sperm available on Web [azcentral]