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Let’s See Nancy Pelosi And John Boehner Do This: Two Thai Senators Kickbox Each Other

Now that’s one way to get more Americans interested in politics: have our leaders fight each other outside of the U.S. Capitol building. The money made on pay-per-view fees alone could make a helluva difference.

Revenues, however, were not the motive behind the kickboxing match staged outside the parliament building in Bangkok between 59-year-old Payap Tongchuen and 64-year-old Direk Tungfang, who are not only Thai senators but also former professional fighters. The motive? To promote traditional Thai kickboxing.

Via Yahoo!/AP:

“The aim is to market Thai boxing, as Muay Thai at the international level,” said Direk. “It is also to campaign for the younger generations to maintain this traditional sport.”

Muay Thai, as Thai kickboxing is known, is the national sport and its popularity has been growing worldwide. Fighters employ punches, kicks and elbow and knee strikes against their opponents.

Indeed. Nothing like two old guys clumsily duking it out to generate interest. But what this old fellas lacked in style and refined skills, they more than made up for with, I don’t know exactly. Take a look at the video yourself.

Wow. Gritty stuff. Good for them, though. It’s nice to see politicians anywhere willing to take a stand on an issue instead of hiding behind canned statements and pointless rhetoric. Sometimes, a well-placed knee to the groin can really get the message across.

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