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Gallery: So The 2010 World Judo Championships Looked Pretty Intense

Yeah, that doesn’t look very comfortable. Nope. Not at all. But I suppose you get what you ask for when you compete in the brutal sport of Judo. Not that I would know personally. The most brutal activity I participate in is when I walk 18 holes. Now that’s a grind, my friends. With hills and everything!

I could have done a bit of research to find out more of the particulars about what went down at the 2010 World Judo Championships in Tokyo over the weekend, but that would have required two things:

1) Effort; and
2) Did I mention it would require effort?

So instead of going through that arduous, drawn-out process, how about we take a look at some pretty fantastic photos I culled from a photo gallery on The Telegraph‘s website? Don’t worry, I will be utilizing my Comedic Kung-Fu Grip as I make some smart-alecky comments along the way. It should be a real hoot. Or it won’t. But look: pictures!

That’s France’s Teddy Riner. He’s 6’8″ tall and I have no explanation for why his match was reffed by a member of the Lollipop Guild.

I’m not a big sportsmanship guy, but even I think it’s horribly inappropriate to stand over a vanquished opponent and rip ass. Also, I think that person might be dead.

Introducing the newest competitive sport up for Olympic consideration: Synchronized Breakdancing. One suggestion: they might want to expand their repertoire by picking up a copy of Alfonso Ribeiro’s “Breakin’ & Poppin'” manual. Picking up a pair of red parachute pants wouldn’t hurt, either.

Hey, the Kama Sutra called – it wants its position back. And much like you, I had no idea that a thousands-of-years-old manuscript could operate a telephone. Crazy times. Heady times.

“He’ll flip ya. He’ll flip ya for real.”

Worst. Massengill. Ad. Ever.

That too is sexual.

“Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?” Nope. Not at this time. This gal has got it covered.

I think the people at Breathe-Right went a little overboard with their nasal strip redesign.

Jeez, watch for where you’re grabbing, dude! I didn’t know “Handful of Balls” was a traditional Judo maneuver.

I don’t have much to add to this one other than the observation that these broads are ginormous.

Announcer: “Never in all my years of covering Judo matches have I seen a competitor utilize the ‘Passing the Doobie’ move with such precision.”

For some reason or another, they call this takedown “The First Night In Prison.”

The 2010 World Judo Championships in Tokyo in pictures [The Telegraph]