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Wake N’ Blog: Playboy For The Blind? Yeah, I Can See That

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• Suzi Hanks, a news gal for a rock radio station in Houston, provides a valuable service during her volunteer work at Taping For The Blind, Inc. – she transcribes Playboy magazines. Huh? Said Hanks: “I don’t read it all cover-to-cover in order but I do read everything – all the articles, all the jokes, all the little cartoons, all the pictures, all the letters to the Advisor, all those things.” Here’s a sampling of Hanks “reading” a photo spread: “She has a very large grin on her face, pink lipstick. She has a small tattoo right over the small of her back over the dimple area that appears to be maybe some sort of tribal design. It is red. … Her legs are kind of crossed. She is sitting in the water. Behind her shoulder, down past her arm, you can see her breast peeking out. … There are no tan lines at all. She is not wearing any nail polish or jewelry or bathing suit or anything.” Hoo baby. That’s hot. [azcentral]

• It keeps getting better for Floyd Mayweather, Jr: he is now a suspect in a domestic violence case. Great guy. [Larry Brown Sports]

• I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed and relieved someone got it on video: here’s Bob Costas’ New Orleans Shimmy from last night’s pregame show. [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

• Anna Kournikova AND Katy Perry on the same talk show? Mercy, mercy. [Bob’s Blitz]

• A middle school football coach in Tennessee was fired for an anti-Obama song he wrote. [Out of Bounds]

• Does this University of Miami baseball player really look like a drug dealer? Yeah, kind of. [Busted Coverage]

• What mental impact do personal problems have on Phil and Tiger? [Waggle Room]

• Another question: what is the sound of one leg breaking? [The Last Angry Fan]

• YES Network reporter Kim Jones gets creampied. Sexy. [Ted Williams Head]

• Dear Lord no: Pam Ward wants to call NFL games. [Awful Announcing]

The Onion Headline of the Day: New Crispy Snack Cracker To Ease Crushing Pain Of Modern Life