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Tony Dungy Is Still Yapping About Rex Ryan’s Potty Mouth

Okay, Tony Dungy: we get it. A good Christian man such as yourself finds it abhorrent that not only would a grown man find it necessary to use such salty language with such frequency but then for it to be broadcast in such a way where kids – KIDS! – might hear it? Shameful. Although we are all now well aware of Dungy’s feelings about Ryan’s sailor talk on Hard Knocks given his incessant proselytizing regarding the issue, he was nevertheless back at it again on Dan Patrick’s radio program yesterday.

Dungy’s thoughts on the controversy he created, via the New York Post:

“It wasn’t personal,” Dungy said. “And it wasn’t that I was offended by that language at all. I’ve heard that, it goes on in locker rooms, I understand that. My problem was putting it on a TV show where you know it’s going on TV to all your fans.

“I had heard from Jets fans, I mean die-hard Jets fans, that said, ‘I wanted to let my son watch this because he’s such a Jets fan, he’s such a Rex Ryan fan, but I don’t want him to hear that language.’

Won’t somebody think of the children? And guess what, Coach Ryan? If you couldn’t reign in that bawdy talk, well sir, you would have no place on a Tony Dungy coaching staff.

“No, Rex Ryan or anyone like that,” Dungy said. “I’d say, hey . . . if you want to work on my staff, y’know there’s a time and place for that language.

“I don’t want to hear that type of language. And if that’s you, and you can’t control that, then I don’t want you on my staff.”

Ouch. That would be an especially stinging condemnation if Ryan were unemployed, and, you know, Dungy was still coaching in the NFL.

Now, to be fair to Dungy, it is certainly not within his control to decide which topics are brought up when participating in an interview. Sure, he could refuse to comment, but what sense would that make? Further, Tony Dungy could never be that rude.  Dungy is actually somewhat shocked that his admonishment of Ryan’s cursing sparked such a controversy in the first place:

“I was surprised that my personal thoughts on language generated so much talk around the country,” he said.

I know, man. Fu**ing mind-blowing, ain’t it?

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