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Gun-Toting Mom Not Happy With Daughter’s Middle School Volleyball Team Losing

Jesus, they must take their middle school volleyball pretty seriously down San Antonio way – or, at least, one psychopathic mother of a seventh-grade volleyball player certainly does – that seems to always be the case when firearms are drawn at the conclusion of a highly-contested match.

Police in San Antonio are hoping security video will help them identify and subsequently apprehend a woman who didn’t take too kindly to the girls’ volleyball team from Kirby Middle School cheering it up after they dispatched her daughter’s Metzger volleyball squad. So much so, that she went right up to the group of seventh grade girls, whipped out her gun and threatened to shoot them.

School district spokesperson James Keith (via My San Antonio):

“The Kirby team had just won, and they were in the back parking lot near the gym when the woman approached,” Keith said, noting that the students were chanting and celebrating their victory. The woman “approached them, pulled a handgun, and threatened to shoot them,” he said.

Gotta support the team. Fortunately for everyone, the clearly-mental mommy at least regained a modicum of composure before she shot up the place, but unfortunately for one seventh-grade girl, she’ll spend the rest of her adolescence explaining that yes, she is the daughter of Psycho Gun-Toting Mommy Nutjob Lady. Yearbook-signing days are totally going to suck for that girl.

(thanks Upstate Underdog)

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