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Great, Another 11-Year-Old Kid Who Could Kick My Lazy Blogging Ass

Above is one Evan Pittman. He’s 11-years-old, 4’10” and weighs 85 pounds. But here’s the kicker that makes him a Weed Against Speed ass-kicker: the little bastard can deadlift over 250 pounds. He’s deadlifting 225 pounds in the above photo.

Pittman is the owner of 19 world records and five national powerlifting records. Not bad for a sixth-grader who once cried all the way home after losing his first tawkondo match. Pittman doesn’t watch cartoons at all or there is a no television policy at his house during the week. Not that he would have time for it, given his busy schedule which includes “diving practice, plyometrics at home, outdoor taekwondo practice, violin practice, studying, church and the father-son 2.5-mile run.” What in the hell are plyometrics? Crap, I don’t even have the energy to look it up.

Via a very informative profile of the kid on Tampa Bay Online:

He has also won five state championships and two Junior Olympic Games gold medals in taekwondo Olympic sparring in the past two years and is on the diving team in his first semester at Tampa Prep. He also runs track and is an accomplished violinist and straight A student.

Evan says it was his love of taekwondo and his competitive spirit that led him to powerlifting in the first place.

“I started powerlifting to help my taekwondo and I also wanted to do well on the Presidential Physical Fitness Award at school,” he says. “Powerlifting helps my speed, flexibility and agility.”

That’s all very impressive, but does he write a marginally-successful sports blog? Didn’t think so. If he could, he’d be doing a helluva lot better than me, that’s for sure.

This Tampa 11-year-old deadlifts 200-plus pounds [Tampa Bay Online]