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Best. Thing. Ever. TAUNTR Adapts Da’Sean Butler’s Tweeted Kid’s Story Into Cartoon

Many of you likely recall when a few weeks ago, Da’Sean Butler decided to turn his Twitter account (@TheDaSeanButler) into his own personal amateur children’s story-writing playground, as he regaled us with an amusing, Newbery Medal-worthy tale about the madcap experiences of he and his buddy, Barney the Purple Dinosaur. Butler adapted to the 140-character confines of Twitter and narrated his children’s story through a remarkable series of tweets. And the finished product (the entire text of which can be found here) was bizarre. Hoo boy, was it odd. It was a hyperkinetic magic carpet ride that screamed a bee-line straight into Way-Out Crazyland.

That’s where the twisted geniuses behind the site TAUNTR come in. If there ever was a story which needed a cartoon adaptation, it was Da’Sean Butler’s kiddie opus. And let me tell you, TAUNTR far exceeded even their own high standards with this bad boy.

So, settle in, grab some popcorn, and enjoy. Hallucinogenics will not be needed for this trip.

Brilliant. Simply fantastic.

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