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David Haye Unapologetic Over ‘Gang Rape’ Comment, Insists It’s Because He’s Stupid

Ignoring the backlash he has experienced since he made the controversial comment that his fight on November 13th against Audley Harrison will be as, and I quote, “one-sided as a gang rape,” boxer David Haye has steadfastly refused to apologize for his insensitive, moronic statement, despite the insistence by women’s rights groups that he do so.

Why would he refuse, you ask? What’s an apology these days anyway? They’re empty statements. How hard is it to say “I apologize to any person who my insensitive comments might have offended.” Everybody knows a person doesn’t even have to mean it when they apologize. Well, the reason is simple, at least in Haye’s case: if he spent all his time apologizing for every stupid thing he said, he’d wouldn’t have time to say more stupid things.

Haye, of course, made this assertion via his Twitter account (via The Guardian):

“If I apologised for every stupid/ignorant thing i said, I wouldn’t have time for anything else during the day!” he wrote.

Quite the conundrum. I suppose to free up space on his calendar, Haye could simply refrain from saying stupid stuff all the time. That way he wouldn’t get himself in the predicament of spending all his time apologizing for the stupid things he previously said, which would free him up to make more ignorant comments which I guess he wouldn’t be making since he was already refraining from them. Mr. Haye, I just opened up your entire friggin’ calendar. You’re welcome.

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