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Wait, Aren’t All French Guys At Least A Tiny Bit Homosexual?

After reading this story, consider my mind officially blown. Who would think that a combination of xenophobia, ignorance and blanket assumptions based on a character portrayed by Sacha Baron Cohen in a Will Ferrell movie could ever steer a person wrong? I guess there is a first time for everything, huh?

Speaking of ignorance, a French amateur soccer club’s has refused to register a homosexual player, prompting an organization which defends the rights of gay French soccer players to insist that sanctions be imposed by France’s soccer governing body.

Via the USA Today/AP:

The organization, Paris Foot Gay, said Wednesday that club FC Chooz should be punished “to help the football world to realize that homophobia is as bad as racism and anti-Semitism.”

Yoann Lemaire has played at Chooz for 14 years, but the club says it won’t register him again to avoid any “trouble” with his teammates.

French junior sports minister Rama Yade also called for action to be taken against the club.

Stupid French people with their rampant and despicable homophobia. Stuff like this would never happen here in America, that’s for damn sure.

French amateur soccer club accused of homophobia [USA Today/AP]