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Never Mind The Fumbling: Adrian Peterson Thinks He’s A Better RB Than Chris Johnson

As a biased Vikings fan, I will try to leave my opinion out of it, but during an appearance on Dan Patrick’s radio program, when prompted, Adrian Peterson asserted that he, not Titans running back Chris Johnson, is the best running back in the NFL.

Let’s go to the quotes (via Access Vikings):

Peterson told Patrick that he thinks Johnson is “just awesome,” but when asked if he was the better running back Peterson responded, “Yes. Yeah. Yeah,” adding, “I play the game to be the best player and that doesn’t change my mindset at all.”

In a ridiculous statement that even a Vikings rube like myself has no choice but to disagree with, Peterson also maintains that Johnson is not faster than him.

“No, [he’s] not faster, stronger, anything,” Peterson said. “You’ve got to understand you’re talking to a guy … that’s just the mentality that I have. I have ultimate respect for the guy and he’s a heck of a player. I remember at one point and time me talking on the phone to Chris Johnson.  He was telling me, ‘I’m just a big fan of yours. I like your style.’ Some [of the] advice that I gave him was, ‘I play this game to be the best player ever to play the game. That’s my mentality.'”

I suppose Peterson is entitled to his opinion and it’s not like having faith in one’s abilities and aspiring to the best – as long as it doesn’t move into the realm of overconfidence – is ever a bad thing. Also not a bad thing: A.D. not giving Johnson any tips about ball-handling. Just saying.

And sure, a thorough statistical analysis may be in order and that may help us ascertain which one truly is the best running back, but in the end it doesn’t really matter: by season’s end, we all know who is going to be the best running back in the league: provided an opportunity to excel with the Buccaneers after being cut by the Titans , there is no doubt in my mind that LaGarrette Blount has a punching chance at being the best back in the NFL. And if you think those are either fighting words or a cheap shot, well, you’re right either way.

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