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Maybe Sean Payton Should Read The Saints A Bedtime Story Wednesday Night, Too


I’m not going out on a limb here if I mention that there have been 43 previous Super Bowl champions going into Thursday night’s game when the Saints kick off the 2010 season and defend their Super Bowl championship, and to my recollection, not one team became so overwhelmed with emotion while their championship banner was unfurled that it rendered them unable to play in a game. What’s more, I highly doubt Tom Landry or Chuck Knoll or any other coach of their ilk took even one measly second to worry about whether or not a goddamn banner would somehow affect the delicate sensibilities of their players. If that had been the case, coaches like these guys would have identified these candy-asses long before and booted the pansies out the friggin’ door.

Are these not football players? Are they not men? Is Sean Payton been hanging around with Dr. Phil too much lately? Am I asking too many inane questions? Possibly. Possibly.

Either the Saints better man up or Payton better quit with the paralysis of analysis, one of the two. On the other hand, maybe Rachel Nichols should quit trying to inundate us with those cutesy, sentimental angles she’s always trying to interject into her reports which no football fan wants to hear.

Ah, who am I kidding? I can’t stay mad at you, Miss Nichols, with your red hair and the interesting way you stand in front of the camera to highlight your best angle. Keep up the great work, Rachel. And try to retain some semblance of masculinity, Saints. Jebus.