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Goodell On Hard Knocks: ‘Just One Thing, Rex: D’Ya Have To Use So Many Cuss Words?’

To which Jets head coach Rex Ryan would have promptly replied: “The f**k are you talking about?” Because if Ryan did not, my tired reference to The Big Lebowski would have failed miserably, if it hadn’t done so already.

Goodell, the poor bastard, suffered the ultimate indignity this morning of having to put up with the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum of ESPN Radio – Mike & Mike, for the ignorami among you out there – and one of the topics discussed was the liberal use of salty language frequently employed and captured by the cameras during a typical episode of Hard Knocks, which, mind you, is a documentary-styled show about grown men airing later at night on a pay cable channel.

Goodell, who was never much of a fan of Redd Foxx, either, for that matter, appears to not much care for the cursing and the swearing and the expletive-dropping, but given the fact that this guy plays everything close to the chest, never willing to divulge exactly what he might thinking, did not completely castigate the Jets for, shall we say, “working blue.”

Via Pro Football Talk:

“Hard Knocks is designed to give our fans an inside view of what it’s like to be in a training camp,” Goodell said. Obviously, at times you’re gonna get language that’s not appropriate for all ages, and it’s something that I guess we’re not proud of, but it is a reality of what’s happening in those camps.”

Nothing to be proud of, Russ. Or Rex, in this particular instance, but the message remains the same. No matter how “cool” people think something is, it doesn’t necessarily make it appropriate for family friendly consumption.

But really, why is the fact that grown men swear in the presence of other grown men have to be something that the NFL is forced to take a stance on whether they are proud or ashamed of it? I haven’t heard the interview, but if I were a betting man, I would guarantee that the question that led to this response was posed by Greenberg, that candy-assed, goody two shoes. Seriously, if that guy was any more of fancy boy, well, um…he’d be pretty darn fancy and stuff. Yeah.

Here’s an idea: how about Roger Goodell, Mike Greenberg and Tony Dungy create a little Society of Well-Behaved Gentlemen where no one curses, tea and crumpets are served while its members eloquently discuss all matters concerning sophistication and refinement, and men don’t fart, they “fluff”? Greenberg would totally be into that sort of environment, I reckon.

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